Recently, with the popularity of the 99J burgundy hair color, 99J burgundy human hair wig are welcomed by more and more girls. In this case, some customers start to put forward some puzzles on the Internet. For example, What Is A 99J Burgundy Wig?

In fact, the hair color of 99J hair is burgundy, often also called dark red, red wine color, and is actually a combination of brown, red, and a hint of blue. Therefore, it also has a purple hue because of the interaction between red and blue. And it gets its name from the color of Burgundy wine (from the Burgundy region of France, named after the ancient Germanic Burgundians.

Is burgundy an attractive hair color?

When you ask this question, you are actually thinking why should you try 99J burgundy hair? What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of 99J? Is it the sun-drenched French vineyards that produce delicious and mellow wines or the actress wearing a burgundy color tight fishtail dress? But whichever of the two they are, they both sound so glamorous. Burgundy does bring us a lot of beautiful things, it looks very calm but when in the sunlight, it looks so bright and lively, like a bright young girl, very energetic and very lovely during the day, and when night falls, She is like a burgundy color under the dark night, has a mature charm and looks incredibly sexy. When you see this, you must be able to feel the charm of 99J burgundy hair, so there is no doubt! It's a very attractive hair color. Any girl of any color can try it!

How do you get 99J hair color?

If you want to try burgundy hair, you have two options. The first option is to go to a barber store and have your hair colored burgundy, you will also have to face the consequences of hair damage, dryness and frizz as well as hair color loss later on. The second option is to buy a 99J wig this method looks more reasonable and affordable because you can save the money spent on repeated coloring and also protect your native hair from damage. Next, I'll recommend a few 99J Wigs that are well worth buying.

How to style your 99J burgundy wigs?

1. Firstly, you need to prepare all tools that can be used during styling, like the wide-tooth brush, the flat iron, the curling iron. If you don’t know which brand is better, we suggest you can please find your local stylist for checking. A good tool is half done.

2. Before styling your 99J wigs you need to make sure that the wig is completely dry. Because style 99J wig while wet will be a big damage to the human hair. And you need to put it on a wig stand first, then use a wide-tooth brush to comb it to remove tangles. Burgundy wigs are all made by 100% human hair, like your own hair, need to be treated more gently.

3. After all the prepared work is done, we can start styling. If you want to curl your 99J straigth hair wig, you can begin to adjust the temperature of the curling iron. Setting it up as a low temperature not only just avoid hurting hair, but also can protect yourself. You can curl the hair any shapes and sizes that you like. If you want to straighten your 99J curly burgundy wig, it’s time to use the flat iron, follow the same step as the curling iron, adjusting to a low temperature. Then you can start to straighten the hair.


4. Finally, embellishing your baby hair a little to match your new hairstyle can help complete your whole new style and make it look more perfect. Don’t forget to spray some nutrition oil on the lace wig, nutrition oil contains a combination of essential fatty acids that supply your hair's acute nutritional needs. Especially after restyling.

How to care for burgundy human hair wig?

You can take care of a burgundy human hair wig while following simple tips. Wash your burgundy wig with only the shampoo and conditioner you use to wash your natural hair. Always air-dry your wig to keep it unharmed. Keep your wig moisturized wig with your favorite product but don't overdo it. To keep the wig's burgundy color shining at its best, when the wig is not in use, store it in a silk or satin bag in a dark place.

Although you have chosen your favorite hairstyle, as time goes by, you will be bored with it one day. People are always fickle and never stop chasing the trend, sometimes one hairstyle may not satisfy them, they will be eager to change a new style for themselves. But buying a new wig costs a bit much for some people, so they will choose to style the wigs by themselves.


If you are looking for a bold and vibrant hair color, the 99j burgundy wig might be the perfect choice for you. This wig typically features a rich shade of reddish-brown, which creates a striking and unique appearance. But you should care your burgundy after you taking off your wig. This could ensure that your wig can be used for a long time!!

April 14, 2023 — WigsColeen

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