Hair density is a choice when you are ordering or watching a wig. You will find that there are 130% density, 150% density, 180% density and other hair density. And they may don’t know what is density for wig beginners. Actually the hair density determine whether it looks natural after you installing the wig. Choosing the right wig density is important for achieving the desired look. In this blog, the whole artical is about hair density. Let’s start.

What is hair density?

Wig density refers to the amount of hair on a wig cap and is typically measured in percentage. The higher the percentage, the thicker the wig will look. The average wig density is 100%, which is a natural and realistic looking density. Wigs with a density of 130% or higher are considered to have higher density and will give the wearer a fuller look. Wig density is the measurement of how full or voluminous a wig appears while being worn. Wig density will change the look of your wig and how it lays on your head. The less density, the thinner the wig. High-density wigs give a large and voluminous look, giving a more overall fullness to the wig. This is why considering wig density when choosing a wig is so important.

Density Percentages

Wig density is measured in percentages. Understanding the different percentages and what they mean will help you when shopping for your next wig. Here is a quick reference guide of what these percentages mean:

60-100% Density: This is usually the lowest available density. Provides a flatter and/or thinner-looking wig for those who aren’t wanting as much volume.

110-130% Density: This is a very middle-ground level of density. Most standard wigs you see in stores and online are at this medium density.

140-150% Density: This range of density is going to provide just a hair (no pun intended) more fullness for your wig. Just slightly more voluminous than the average wig. It is good for people wanting more volume but nothing too extreme.

180% Density: This percentage adds a good amount of thickness and volume to your wig. It has a noticeable fullness in comparison to the average 130% density you find with the average wigs in most beauty shops. Coleen provide 180% density wigs. And other densitys are available.

200% Density: 200% is high on the scale of fullness and volume. This is the second most voluminous wig you can purchase.

250% Density: This is the highest level of wig you can purchase from most shops. This is the max volume and fullness. Compare this volume to the more high-scale wigs seen in drag or on celebrities. These max volume wigs will be more expensive but are worth it for the volume-seeking customers.

How to choose the right hair density?

In reality, there is no wrong answer when it comes to wig density. All densities offer different appeals for different needs. But understanding the chart and using it while wig shopping should help you find the perfect wig for any occasion. We hope this article helps you better understand wig density and makes shopping for your next purchase a much more enjoyable experience.

Short Hair Wigs

For short hair wigs specifically, we would suggest a mid-range density wig. Somewhere between the 130-150% range. For short wigs, you have to be especially cautious of the density you choose because they can more easily look bulky or flat.

Long Hair Wigs

With longer wigs, you have a little more freedom to choose the density without worrying about any major bulkiness. It’s more about your personal preference for body and fullness. Even for long wigs, it is important to understand the different density levels so you can buy the wig that fits the look you are trying to achieve. Sometimes a long wig can look flat if it’s within the 100-130% scale, so we suggest a higher density for a long wig.

The best wigs start with Coleen Hair

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If someone has thin hair, they may want a higher density wig to make their hair look thicker. On the other hand, if someone has thick hair, a lower density wig may be preferred to avoid looking too bulky. Ultimately, wig density is a personal preference and should be chosen based on the individual's desired look and level of comfort.



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