Caring for a glueless wig is similar to caring for natural hair. You should wash it regularly with a gentle shampoo and conditioner, and allow it to air dry. Avoid brushing or combing the wig while it’s wet, and use a wide-tooth comb or brush to detangle it gently. Store the wig on a wig stand or mannequin to maintain its shape and prevent tangling. Overall, installing a glueless wig is relatively easy and can be done quickly.
Step 1: Prepare your hair
Before installing the wig, make sure your hair is clean and free of any tangles. Braid your hair or put it in a low ponytail to create a flat base for the wig to sit on.

Step 2: Adjust the wig cap
Place the wig cap over your head and adjust it to fit. Make sure the wig cap covers your hairline and ears. Use the adjustable straps to tighten or loosen the cap as needed.

Step 3: Cut the lace
Most wear and go glueless wigs come with a lace front that needs to be cut to fit your hairline. Use scissors to carefully cut the lace along the hairline, leaving a little bit of lace to blend with your natural hairline.

Step 4: Apply the wig
Place the wig onto your head, starting from the front and working your way back. Adjust the wig so that it sits comfortably on your head and covers the wig cap completely. Use the adjustable straps to secure the wig in place.

Step 5: Style the wig
Once the wig is in place, style it to your liking. Use a flat iron, curling iron, or other styling tools to create the look you want. You can also use styling products like hairspray or mousse to add volume and hold.

Step 6: Blend the wig with your natural hair
To make the wig look more natural, blend it with your natural hair. Use a comb or brush to blend the wig with your hairline and part. You can also use a scarf or headband to cover the wig cap and create a more natural look.
September 08, 2023 — wangmeng

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