The best way to detangle 4c Wig is by using your fingers known as finger detangling. Finger detangling is the action of combing out your hair with your fingers instead of a comb. The reason why this detangling method is beneficial is that you pull out less of your hair and are able to untangle knots more gently.
How To Wash 4C Edges Wig
The other benefit to finger detangling is that you can feel what your hair needs and where. You can feel that your hair is dry or where there is excessive product buildup better when you use your fingers. If you choose to comb your hair, you risk pulling out the new growth, which can stunt overall growth. Finger detangling may be the more time-consuming option – but it is also the healthiest.

However, if you don’t have time to finger detangle, an alternative option is to use a detangling brush. A detangling brush is specifically made to detangle the hair in a more gentle way, which makes it easier to comb.
How To Wash 4C Edges Wig
Shampoo or Co-Wash
4c edges wigs is naturally dry because its texture prevents the natural hair oils that the scalp produces from traveling down the hair shaft. 4c hair is also prone to damage, so you want to make sure you are gentle with it – that includes the washing process.

Using shampoo can be very harsh on 4c hair. They strip the hair of dirt and oils, which is a good thing. What is not good is that it not only strips the hair of dirt and oils but also moisture and the natural oils that it needs. You don’t want to strip the hair of necessary nutrients regularly, therefore, you should not use shampoo to clean your 4c hair all of the time. You should wash your hair with shampoo once every two weeks. If you need to clean your hair before the 2-week mark, then you should co-wash.

Co-washing the hair is used to cleanse the hair yet still retain some moisture. Conditioner is used to accomplish this method of washing the hair and it’s typically used by those who have some sort of curl to their hair. Wash your hair in sections helps to ensure that you are washing each part of your hair thoroughly, this is ideal regardless of the method you use to cleanse the hair. It’s important that you rinse the shampoo or conditioner out completely because if either is left in your hair too long, it can dry it out.

Condition or Deep Condition
Conditioning your hair is crucial for keeping it moisturized. After you shampoo your hair, you should leave a conditioner in for at least 15 minutes. Every two weeks, you should go for a deep conditioner.

When using a deep conditioner, it is best to leave it in for at least an hour. After a co-wash, the best product to use is a leave-in conditioner.

In order to keep your hair from dripping everywhere after you get out of the shower, wrap it in a microfiber towel and let it sit on the hair for about 15 min. Microfiber towels are softer on the hair than cotton towels and are more absorbent. After the towel, it is best to let your hair air dry. Air drying prevents frizz and also does not add heat to your hair. Depending on if you have high or low porosity, it may take shorter or longer for your hair to dry fully.
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