Summer has arrived, and the temperature is rising. People like to travel the most in this season, and going to the seaside is the first choice for most people. Summer is the perfect combination of sun, sand, waves, and coconut trees. Many women sunbathe on the beach and swim in the ocean in their favorite bikinis and wig. As we all know, UV rays in the summer sun are strong, so we need to protect ourselves from them. Many people try to avoid sunburn by applying sunscreen to all exposed areas. But few people know that the hair can also get sunburned, the sun's ultraviolet rays unknowingly cause hair damage.


The Essential Guide to Protecting Your Wig from the Sun

Why Is Hair Damaged By The Sun
Hair is made up of keratinocytes, most of which are keratin. Keratin is made up of a long chain of about 20 amino acids, most of them cysteine. When exposed to sunlight, the cysteine absorbs a lot of ultraviolet light which causes its disulfide bonds to break, penetrating and breaking the keratin in the hair. Make the hair loses original moisture and nutrition, pelt qualitative is flimsy gradually, bring about the hair to become yellow thereby, bifurcate, and dry. Therefore, any human hair can be damaged by exposure to the sun. Women who like to purchase human hair wigs need to be particularly aware of this.


The Essential Guide to Protecting Your Wig from the Sun

How Can We Tell If Our Hair Is Damaged By The Sun
1. When you look at your hair in the sunlight, the roots and the middle of your hair are split.

2. The whole hair looks dry, yellow, nutrient-deprived, and lifeless.

3. Dryness occurs soon after washing your hair.

4. Hair becomes less elastic and breaks easily. Sometimes you can see lines that fade in color on the hair stem.


The Essential Guide to Protecting Your Wig from the Sun
How To Protect Your Hair From The Sun
1. Minimize or avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. 10 o 'clock in the morning - 3 o 'clock in the afternoon is the period with the strongest ultraviolet ray, so try not to do outdoor activities for a long time in this period as far as possible at ordinary times, you can reduce the harm of ultraviolet ray to the hair to the lowest.

2. When outdoors, opt for a breathable visor or UV-protected umbrella to keep the sun out of your hair.

3. Before going out, apply a no-wash moisturizing hair gel to help lock up the moisture in your hair. Apply it directly to dry or wet hair, then spray a layer of sunscreen moisturizing spray to keep your hair moist for longer.

4. Trim the ends of badly damaged hair. Use special repair shampoo and conditioner in time to reduce hair damage after exposure to the sun, and regularly take professional care.
June 05, 2023 — wangmeng

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