Wigs have been used as an accessory for centuries, and have come a long way since their inception. Today, wigs are not just meant for individuals experiencing hair loss or thinning, but as a fashion statement or accessory. Wigs could be any styles, sizes, colored and shapes, which could be made different materials such as human hair or synthetic fibers. Of cause. Human hair wigs are premium and more natural look. Synthetic wigs are cheap and come in a more wide range of colors and styles.

Why wigs become a trend?

  • wigs can be styled and customized to your desired look. Whether your goal is to change your hair color, cut or style, wigs provide that versatility.
  • Wigs can add glamour to any outfit or costume. They are fantastic for themed parties or events, and can even be worn daily to add a touch of elegance to any outfit.
  • Wigs can help protect your natural hair, which is a massive advantage for individuals undergoing chemotherapy treatment or experiencing hair loss.
  • Wigs can also shield your hair from harsh weather and chemicals commonly found in hair products.
  • Wigs can reduce your hair cost in salon. It must a huge cost once you go to a salon and let a stylist make a hairstyle. And it will take a long time. Wigs are easy to install and take off. Even you can change hair look with wigs.

Here are several common hairstyles wig around market:

Body wave wig

Body wave is a very elegant and sexy hair wave style, with unique wave beauty, just like the wave on the beach. Many women are fascinated by this hair, and body wave wigs have always been a popular and classic hair style. Women usually wear body wavy wigs at parties and other occasions. There are many colored body wave wigs sold in Coleen Hair,   such as black, burgundy, reddish brown, dark purple, 613 blonde and ginger orange. It also can dyed freely. 

4c edges wig

4c edges wig can also be called curly edge wig, which is a type of wig that is designed to mimic the natural texture of 4C hair, and is a type of hair that is tightly coiled and often found among people of African descent. It is made of high-quality synthetic materials and requires unique styling techniques to maintain it. This wig is unique as it has a more realistic edge finish that resembles the natural hairline of African-American individuals. 4c edges wig is a perfect option for black women who is lookin for a natural, easy to install and comfortable hair.

Kinky straight wig

Kinky Straight hair, also called as Yaki Straight hair, is one of the most popular hair textures for African American women. Because it is like the classic African hair style. And kinky straight hair texture wig can give you a plump and neat hair appearance, make your hair more dimensional and textured, and give you a thick, healthy and natural hair appearance. And this wig is very natural, but also can save you a lot of maintenance costs and time.

Kinky curly wig

A kinky curly wig is a type of wig that is made from hair that has a curly texture with tight coils, giving it a kinky appearance. It can be made from human hair or synthetic hair and is often used by people who want to change their natural hair texture or length without undergoing chemical treatments or cutting their hair. Kinky curly wigs are popular among people with afro-textured hair or those who want a natural-looking wig.

Deep wave wig

Deep wave wigs are wigs made with virgin human hair with a texture similar to African-American hair texture. It is a flowing wavy wig with tight curls. The curl pattern of the deep wave wig is like that of Jerry curl. These tight curls give it a lustrous and voluminous appearance. So if you want more volume on your head, you can go for this wig.

Headband wig

Just as its name implies, a headband wig is a wig that features a built-in headband. The wig can be worn like a hat, with the hair tucked under the headband. Headband wig is easy to install that don’t use any glue and clips. The headband portion of the wig allows it to be easily attached and removed, making it a convenient choice for those who are on the go or simply want to switch up their look without a lot of effort. It’s very suitable for Spring and Summer.

Wig with bangs

This wig has a unique hair styling style, that is, bang hair style. The style is designed in front of the forehead, and there are a variety of bang styles to choose from, such as side sweep style, straight hair style, curly style and so on. You can choose wigs with bangs to quickly get a brand-new hair look, which is the fastest way to change your hair look.

Colorful wig

Wigs that have been colored typically cost less than professional coloring procedures and don’t harm hair. Furthermore, the color won’t fade or have any other unfavorable effects, so it will be precisely what you desire. And you can always take the wig off to be who you really are. You may dress in your favorite hue every day, and bright wigs can inspire others to be brave and determined. Your entire confidence will increase. FYI, spring is the best time to add color, but avoid using too many dark hues.

Water wave wig

The wig of Water wave has a water wave style hair shape, like an “s” shape, with a large degree of curl, dense, natural and messy hair. This wig can make your hair fuller and more fashionable. Water wave wigs are welcomed by most consumers because of their better quality and natural appearance. 

Loose wave wig

Loose wave is regarded to be incredibly wavier and curlier in the wavy extensions world. In comparison with body wave, it has smaller and tighter curls. It is its unique natural curl that makes it become women’s preference. Loose wave hair doesn’t shed off, so it can bounce like your natural hair when attached to your head. With its thick and uncracked ends, it’s also fluffier than other hairstyles available in the market. 

Bob wig

Bob is a type of hair cut where the hair is trimmed short and straight around the head. Bob wigs are between 8inch to 16inches long and are typically viewed as a risk-free hairstyle because it is very easy to style and maintain.


Wigs are a fantastic accessory that can be used to enhance your natural beauty and add versatility to your wardrobe. They come in various styles, colors, and materials, and are an excellent investment for anyone who desires to switch up their hairstyle quickly and easily.

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